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How to make background transparent in paint 3d

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Usually, when you want to make the background transparent, you will probably think of specialized software like Photoshop. Photoshop is indeed a powerful tool for complex photo editing tasks. However, not everyone loves this professional software because it is expensive and requires a steep learning curve.

Paint 3d is a free tool and is included with the Microsoft Windows 10 installation. Compared to its predecessor: Microsoft Paint, Paint3d has many powerful features and is much easier to use.

One of the most commonly used features in Paint 3d is making the background transparent in paint. In this article, we will learn how to make background transparent in Paint3d and the steps to do it.

Make Image Background Transparent Paint 3d
Make Image Background Transparent in Paint 3d

Benefits of a transparent background image

Transparent background images bring a lot of benefits both in terms of design as well as business

  • A transparent background can help put the spotlight on a particular part of an image
  • Transparent background image makes it easy to stitch an image into another because the transparent background doesn’t involve your design workspace.
  • Transparent background image makes it easy to stitch an image into another because the transparent background doesn’t involve your design workspace.
  • In eCommerce, if you use transparent background images as product images => your website will look more professional and clean, leading to an increase in conversion rate.

Transparent Background Product Image 1

Steps to make background transparent in paint

Here are the steps to take to remove the background from an image in paint 3d

Step 1: Import the image to Paint 3d

Paint 3d is installed by default in Windows, just open Paint 3d by typing Paint 3d in the Start menu search bar.

Open Paint 3d

In case Paint 3d is not installed, you can get paint 3d for free here: https://apps.microsoft.com/store/detail/paint-3d/9NBLGGH5FV99?hl=en-gb&gl=GB

Install Paint 3d Microsoft Store

Next, open your Image in Paint 3d by drag and drop, or click on Open button to edit image with paint 3d

Open Image In Paint 3d
An XYZ Calibration Cube image open in Paint 3d

Step 2: Use Magic Select to cut objects from the background

Now, let’s do the magic with Paint 3d. In Paint 3d, there’s a built-in function to remove background from your image, which is called “Magic Select”. You can find Magic Select in the 2nd menu (below the main menu)

Magic Select Function Paint 3d

Now, just click on that button, select the area in which you want to remove background, then click Next and see what happens.

Click On Magic Select To Remove Background Paint 3d

As you can see, Paint 3d has separated most of the background from the object, but it is not perfect and still has a bit left.

Step 3: Refine the selection

Now, we will use the Remove tool to refine the selected area and remove the remaining background.

Use Remove Tool Paint 3d

After selecting the Remove tool, hover mouse pointer to the unwanted area and left click to paint over the part you want to remove.

Here’s the final result

Final Result

Click Done to get the object

Step 4: Hide canvas to make the white background transparent

Now your object is detached from the background. Next, we will create a transparent background for the object.

After selecting the object, press on Copy (hotkey Crt+C). Click on Menu > New to create a blank page

Create New Blank Page And Paste The Object

Paste your object into this new blank page and click on Show canvas toggle to make the background transparent.

Hide Canvas Paint 3d

Step 5: Save new Image as PNG file

The object is now completely removed from the background and you will be able to save the design as PNG to preserve the transparent background of the image.

From Paint 3d menu, click on Save as > Image. In Save as type section, choose PNG to save your image as a PNG file. Finally, click on save button to save the file

Save As Png

Bonus: Make background transparent using free online tool

Technology is now much more advanced than in the past. Now you can even remove the background using the online cloud tool with great precision.
If Paint 3d doesn’t give you the results you want, you can try the following free online tools

Adobe Free Transparent Background Maker

Adobe Free Transparent Background Maker

Use the tool

Not many people know that Adobe, the maker of famous graphic design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and After effects, also provides free cloud photo editing tools.

Adobe Free Transparent Background Maker makes it easy for users to separate objects from the background and create a transparent background image. All you need to do is upload your image and the cloud tool will do the rest automatically.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can tweak the image with their Adobe Express editor.

Adobe Express


Photoscissors Free Image Background Remove Tool

Use the tool

This is another amazing free cloud-based tool to remove the background of an image and replace it with a transparent, solid color background with just a few clicks!


Remove Bg

Use the tool

Remove.bg is a quick and simple tool to remove background, just upload the image and the software will do the rest. The drawback of this software is that it does not provide image repair, so you will not be able to tweak the image if you are not satisfied with it.


Hope the above tutorial will help you to make a background transparent image in paint 3d.
In most cases, you can remove the background using Paint 3d. However, if the image is too complicated to remove the background with 3d paint, consider using more professional software like Photoshop.
If there is a step you do not understand or need further assistance with, do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be happy to help.

Hung Tran is the founder of 3dsage.com, he loves sharing 3d printing experience.

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