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Hello everyone, my name is Hung Tran. I’m the founder of 3dsage.com.

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I and my Senheiser HD598 headhpones

Initially, I had nothing to do with 3d printing, my main job was as a programmer and a digital marketer.

My first exposure to 3d printing was also quite coincidental. I still vividly remember that day I was looking for a headphone stand. Regular desktop headphone stands are not my need.

What I was looking for was a headphone stand for a desk or shelf. My desk area is quite small, so I wanted to save space by hanging headphones on a bookshelf at the side of the table.

I have searched online as well as at the market to find such a headphone stand, but to no avail. I would have to order from Amazon.com and wait weeks for it to arrive.

By chance during my search, I found an image of a headphone stand that was exactly what I needed on the website thingiverse.com

Headphone Stands For ShelfAfter visiting thingiverse.com and seeing what I was looking for, I realized that I can completely create the object I want from 3d printers. That’s why I got to know 3d printing and have absolutely loved it ever since.

I bought my first 3d printer in 2018 and started printing 3d designs on thingiverse.com. As a newbie, during that journey, I always had a lot of questions and was always looking for quality advice and guidance to support my 3d printing process. However, there aren’t many websites that offer quality tutorials and experiences that are suitable for a newbie like me.

Therefore, I created 3dsage.com with the purpose of sharing my experiences and knowledge, successes and failures during my journey of more than 4 years with 3d printing.

I hope 3dsage will provide you with useful knowledge and experience in the field of 3d printing.

Things you can find on 3dsage.com

Knowledge in the field of 3d printing is very vast, but on the website 3dsage.com, I only focus on the main topics that I have had practical experience with.

The number of topics will increase over time, however, I will focus on quality rather than quantity.

We hope you enjoy the site and find the answers that help you Unleash Your Creativity with 3D Printing!


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